Essential Tips for Sleeping More Deeply

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What’s the biggest health-related problem in America? You’re going to be surprised – it’s difficulty sleeping. In fact, over half of adults say they have a tough time getting enough shut-eye. Unfortunately, if you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s impossible to stay healthy. Your body has to have sleep to keep up with its basic functions.

Lack of sleep can be devastating to your body. It can make it tough to lose weight. Not sleeping enough weakens your immune system. It messes with your mood and can harm your mental health. Sleep deprivation affects your memory, and it can even shorten your lifespan.

The good news – while lack of sleep is a huge health challenge – there are some things you can do to start sleeping more deeply.

  • Avoid Artificial Light Before Bedtime – Exposure to artificial light can throw off your sleep cycle. Avoid this problem by reducing your exposure to artificial light before bedtime. Turn off your phone, computer, or other electronics within one hour of sleeping. Make sure your bedroom is dark because light prevents the production of melatonin, the hormone that tells your body when it should sleep.
  • Keep Your Bedroom Quiet and Comfortable – Be sure your bedroom is quiet. If there’s outside noise, the white noise of a fan or white noise machine may help. It’s also important to make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature. It’s difficult to sleep if you’re too hot or too cold.
  • Relax Before You Go to Bed – Enjoy some time relaxing before you try to sleep at night. A bath with a few drops of your favorite essential oils (lavender is particularly relaxing) can help. You can even try a couple drops of lavender on your chest or the back of your neck. Reading a relaxing book or even practicing meditation and prayer can make it easier to relax.
  • Stick with a Regular Bedtime – Make sure you’re sticking with a regular bedtime and a regular wakeup time to get your body in a rhythm. Try to make sure you’re going to sleep by 10pm at night so you can get enough rest.
  • Try Clearing Your Thoughts by Writing in a Journal – Sometimes it’s tough to sleep because so many thoughts are swirling through your head. Try writing in a journal before bed. Make part of that time writing down things you’re grateful for – gratitude is great for your body and mind.
  • Consider Natural Bedtime Supplements – Natural bedtime supplements can also help improve sleep if you’re still having a tough time getting enough shut-eye. My personal favorite is this great-tasting orange magnesium drink designed to promote restful sleep, positive mood, and relaxation.

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