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I have been where you are.

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Brain Longevity Upgrade Course – Optimize your Gut-Brain Connection, Finally Focus Better, Stop Your Anxious Mind, And Boost Your Productivity Level!

Here is a glance of what clients are saying about our Virtual Program…

When I started seeing Terry I was overweight, dealing with Colitis and suffering from seasonal allergies. After following Terry's coaching and wellness recommendations I am happy to say that my gut is the best it's been in 10 years. I have lost 40 pounds and for the first time in 30 years I didn't suffer from seasonal allergies this year. Terry has helped me tremendously with my health and I can't thank her enough.

BenjieNorth Carolina

I'm So Very Grateful!
I highly recommend Terry. I came to see her when I was having serious digestive, as well as many other issues. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. The wellness protocols she designs for you makes healing your body so much easier. Getting healthy is a lifelong learning process and I am willing to learn all that I can. I am currently feeling so much better than I have in a very long time. Thank you so much Terry.

RoxanneSouth Carolina

Terry has changed my life!

I have struggled for years to figure out numerous health issues in my body. I always suspected my headaches, eczema, digestive issues, and breathing issues were caused by certain foods; but no one could figure out what was triggering it. Even if they went away for a time, they always came back. This summer everything changed when I started working with Terry Pilch. She has helped me de-code my food allergies, solve the mystery of my digestive issues, and find the right supplements to help resolve my eczema. Because she coaches me online it doesn't matter that she lives in South Carolina and I live in Idaho. She has supported me on every step along this lifestyle change and I know I will continue to succeed because she is teaching me well and is also journeying with me.


Today marks one year since you started working with me to change my life. I am so incredibly thankful for the ways God has used you in my life. I didn't even realize the level of brain fog that I had been experiencing until it started to lift. Following your plan has increased my focus and boosted my productivity. You have not only turned my health around but you have also become such a dear friend. I don't know how to thank you!

SBSouth Carolina

"Thank you for your loving support during our sessions, and for recommending a personal care plan which allowed my body to heal itself. Thank you also for your friendship. You have blessed my life!"

T.J.South Carolina