Terry Pilch, Certified Health Coach

My passion for helping others stems from my own health struggles. For many years, I went from doctors’ offices, to health food stores, to online health websites searching for the answers as to why I was so ill.  At around 40 years old, I began to have pain throughout my body, the inability to sleep, streph, digestive issues, and not enough energy to get through the day. I searched everywhere and spent a lot of money on all kinds of unsuccessful options. Once I realized how our food had changed over the years I then understood that some of the food I was consuming was making me sick and leaving me nutrient deficient and toxic.

Luckily, I was raised to look to nature first, so I began reading and researching how to be well naturally. Once I solved my health puzzle (got to the root cause of my health problems), I decided I needed to help others get back to living!

Throughout my journey, I’ve attended the Functional Nutrition Lab, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching School,  WholeLife Rx Program, Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s Certified Gluten Practitioner Program, Dr. Bob Rakowski’s Natural Medicine Practitioners Training and numerous other seminars.

The result of all this training and research has birthed my Brain Longevity Program, which is the skillful application of a one-on-one science-based wellness health plan which is prepared specifically for you. Our program is presented in a simple and understandable way, however, it is an extremely effective and powerful.

Health begins in your gut. Your gut and your brain are interconnected, so without a proper functioning gut you won’t have a proper functioning brain.  I believe that your body was brilliantly made and has been created to perform optimally. We walk hand in hand with you to teach you the wellness steps needed to obtain your personalized goals.

Additional Credentials & Training

  • Certified Gluten Free Practitioner
  • WholeLife Rx Certification
  • Functional Nutrition Lab: Digestive Intensive
  • Metagenics Lifestyle Educator Certification
  • Integration of Functional Nutrition – Dr. Robert Silverman
  • Clinical Mastery of Digestive System Program
  • Bob Rakowski, MD  Natural Medicine Center Practitioner Training, Leaky Gut, Brain, Detoxification, Stress & Sleep
  • A Functional Medicine Approach to Endocrine and Auto-Immune Disorders – Bob Rakowski, MD
  • Solving Leaky Gut Program
  • Healing and the Aging Metabolism: Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Nutrition
  • 2015 Lifestyle Medicine Summit – Healthy Aging- 100% Vitality for Your First 100 Years – Restoring and Maintaining Optimal Health
  • 2014 Lifestyle Medicine Summit – Transformational Patient Care: Powering the Paradigm Shift
  • Clinically Effective Advanced Programs for Healthy Detoxification and Weight Loss