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You won’t believe who paid me a visit last week!

Two weeks ago I got a call from my Metagenics Rep asking if I would mind having a  meeting with Jason Rozzo the Director of Metagenics Medical Eduacation from Corporate Headquarters in California. I thought to myself…would I mind?  Are you kidding me.  What an amazing opportunity! We met last week for three hours in my…

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Get Healthy in 2018!

It’s a new year. Why not take steps to make it your healthiest one ever? Boost Your Mood Without Medications! The following recommendations are helpful for recovering from mild anxiety and/or depression. Use these diet and lifestyle approaches to improve your mood naturally. 1. Eat a Healing Food diet Ensure adequate intake of calories, protein, carbs,…

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Did you overindulge on sugar from Halloween to New Year’s Eve?  If you’re hooked on the stuff, like many people are, you know all too well just how powerful sugar addiction can be. Too much sugar in your diet leads to many health problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and memory loss. Quitting sugar is essential to…

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If I could tell you how to begin to heal your body…would you do it?

Inflammation: The Real Cause of Disease and How to Resolve It Maintaining optimal health involves resolving inflammation in YOUR body. Two tips on reducing inflammation in your body:  Eat according to my Precision Wellness Healing Food Plan When you eat the foods outlined in my plan you not only reduce inflammation, but also, reduce toxic burden, reduce cellular damage,…

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Not your grandma’s heating pad!

Good Morning!  I’m hoping you all are having a wonderful day. Quick tip and story for this beautiful Friday, plus a Holiday Freebie! Yesterday I exercised pretty hard, but to be honest with you it didn’t seem any harder then the previous 3 days work out.  Not sure exactly what I did wrong (other then…

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